Training for all ages

Don't let your aims or age affect your fitness goals.

Training for all agesEach client will be provided with a nutrition programme to follow depending on their goals, whether it is weight loss or muscle mass gain. With simple effective changes immediate results can be seen and you can put the spring back in your step and provide the body with what it NEEDS!

What I do

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Resistance Training

Resistance training

You may have been informed that cardio is the ultimate fat burner, this is nonsense. A balance of resistance training, cardio and quality nutrition is the most effective way to lose body fat.

Weight Loss

Fat and Weight Loss

This is most common reason individuals require personal training services. Every client is individual, if you asked 10 people how and why they gained excess weight, you will receive 10 different answers.

Group Training

Group Training

Group training is a fantastic way for individuals to benefit from professional guidance and personal service of one to one training but in a small group situation, with a lower cost.

Postural Assesment

Postural Assessment

Poor posture can result in additional stress on your body, which can lead to long term chronic injuries.